How to Record a 10 Hour Home Study Course in 10 Hours

Home study courses cannot be more popular these days. This is because people who want to increase their knowledge on specific subjects are finding it too difficult to go to traditional school. So, offering them a chance to get the knowledge they need at the comforts of their own home is a lucrative business.

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There are different ways to offer home study courses. You can teach your clients by calling them at least one hour every week, by sending them informative/instructional emails at least once a week, and by talking to them on Skype on their most convenient time.

You can also educate these people by giving them video recordings that they can access and watch at anytime. All you need to do is to give them the link of the video and that should do it.

In this article, I wish to help you record a 10-hour home study course in well…10 hours. Sounds impossible? I think not. Here’s how you can make it happen:

1. The first and the most important thing that you need to do before you even record your home course is making adequate preparation. Do your research and figure out the information that you’re going to share, the assistance that you’re going to offer, and the tools that you’re going to introduce that your clients will find useful. Then, create an outline. As you would want to accomplish your recording in 10 hours, it’s important that you know exactly what you’ll be doing every minute. Creating an outline that you can follow all throughout will surely be a great help. Also, prepare the tools that you’re going to use especially if you intend to do audiovisual presentation.

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2. Practice makes perfect. As they say, you can never get it right for the first time especially if you’re embarking on huge assignment such as this one. So, do a “dry run” and if possible, get somebody to help you figure out the things that you can improve on. Do your presentation as if you’re really talking to your clients. After the dry run, figure out the things that are not really necessary and figure out how you can improve your presentation to ensure that your clients will have great learning experience.

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3. Get a nice background, grab high quality recording tools and equipment, dress for the occasion, and hope that you can wing it. Also, get an assistant.

4. Record your 10-hour home study course in 10 hours. While your video recoding is running, do your presentation and offer your clients all the information that they need and all the instructions that they’re looking for to either solve their problems or be successful in their chosen endeavor. Of course, you don’t need to do this in 10 hours straight. Pause your recording if you think that you need to rest. Once your recording is done, preview it and see if it’s good enough. Get video editors to improve your recording when and as needed. The goal here is to ensure that your course flow smoothly, that it’s engaging, and that it has what it takes to give your clients great value for their money.

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